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APS Joins DeepDyve's Online Rental Service

APS Joins DeepDyve's Online Rental Service (November 4, 2010)

Sunnyvale, CA, and College Park, MD - DeepDyve and the American 
Physical Society (APS) jointly announced today that APS has 
agreed to make its articles available, in a nine-month pilot 
program, via DeepDyve's online rental service for research 
articles. Widely acknowledged as a leading voice for physics and 
an authoritative source of physics information, APS will enrich 
DeepDyve's library of content with a wealth of physics-related 
journals and other scholarly publications.

"American Physical Society publishes a catalog of very 
well-respected journals, and we're pleased that APS has chosen to 
partner with DeepDyve," said William Park, CEO at DeepDyve. "We 
look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship, rooted in our 
shared commitment to deliver premium content to our users."

APS publishes leading physics research journals including 
Physical Review Letters, Reviews of Modern Physics, Physical 
Review, and two open access Special Topics journals. These 
world-renowned titles embody the objective of the Society "to 
advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics." Under the terms of 
the agreement, APS will add nearly 500,000 articles to DeepDyve's 
rental service.

"We are pleased to partner with DeepDyve, to provide our content 
to wider audiences in a new and innovative manner," said Robert 
Kelly, Director Journal Information Systems at American Physical 
Society. "This pilot program, in effect through July 2011, will 
broaden the reach of our content beyond the disciplines of 
physics that we traditionally serve, and enable our ability to 
serve other scientific communities."

The complete library of APS content can be accessed at DeepDyve 
Users have the option to rent individual articles for a 24-hour 
period starting at just $0.99. And for users who want to rent a 
higher volume of articles or would like longer-term access to 
their articles, DeepDyve offers monthly plans for as little as 
$9.99 per month. Those who are interested in DeepDyve are 
encouraged to sign up for a Basic subscription to receive a free 
rental at http://deepdyve.com/signup-form.

About DeepDyve
DeepDyve was founded in 2005 by scientists who shared the vision 
of simplifying the research process. Through direct collaboration 
with the industry's most prominent and well respected publishers, 
the company now offers the world's largest online rental service 
for scientific, technical and medical research with more than 30 
million articles from thousands of authoritative journals. 
DeepDyve is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with offices 
in Shanghai, China. The company is privately held and backed by 
high-profile angel investors.

About the American Physical Society
The American Physical Society is a leading physics organization, 
representing 48,000 members, including physicists in academia, 
national laboratories, and industry in the United States and 
internationally. APS has offices in College Park, MD 
(Headquarters), Ridge, NY, and Washington, DC.

John Snedigar,
Faultline Communications for DeepDyve

Robert A. Kelly,
APS Director Journal Information Systems