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Re: Another take on Wikipedia and (academic) libraries

The article is not at all about authors promoting themselves on

It is about trust and selection. There are (for lack of a better
word...) "books": produced effortless, cheap, bare of any
scholarly standards (peer review, editor etc.) by glueing
together Wikipedia texts. In her article Corinna Nohn highlights
cases, where these books of obviously very low quality were
acquired by high profile academic libraries. And the question is:
how come...?

The article provokes thinking about patron driven acquisition,
the value of established publisher brands and the value of clear
author attribution.

Joachim Engelland, Berlin

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Might it also be the other way around? Authors putting their
chapters in Wikipedia, i.e. making them Open Access?

Jan Velterop

On 28/10/2010 00:20, Laval Hunsucker wrote:

> Some may find interesting this (two-page) article by Corinna
> Nohn, dated Monday 25 October, published on sueddeutsche.de :
> "Fehlkauf mit System: Immer mehr aus Wikipedia-Artikeln
> kopierte Bucher finden sich in Uni-Bibliotheken. Die
> "Enttarnung" gestaltet sich schwierig."
> etc.
> - Laval Hunsucker
> Breukelen, Nederland