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World Scientific Donates E-Books To University of Canterbury Following Christchurch Earthquake


World Scientific Donates E-Books To University of Canterbury 
Following Christchurch Earthquake

26 October 2010

In a recent large-scale donation drive by EBSCO Publishing 
following the Canterbury Earthquake in early September, World 
Scientific has pledged 500 ebooks to help the Central Library of 
the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand), in its 
rebuilding efforts.

The 7.1 magnitude earthquake created a widespread collapse of the 
Library's bookshelves on all floors of the building, making it 
unavailable for access. Students and faculty are temporarily 
relying on both the Law Library which houses recovered materials 
from the Central Library and online access of materials.

Mr Max Phua, Executive Director of World Scientific, said, "We 
are thankful that no lives were lost in the earthquake and firmly 
believe that this unfortunate disaster at Christchurch should not 
be a deterrent to learning and research. The mission of World 
Scientific is to serve the needs of the scientific and academic 
community. We are therefore proud to join hands with EBSCO 
Publishing in ensuring that students and faculty at the 
University of Canterbury continue to have access to quality 
content as the university goes about rebuilding the library."

The donated eBook titles from World Scientific lie in a broad mix 
of Science, Business and Engineering.

About World Scientific Publishing Co.

World Scientific Publishing is a leading independent publisher of 
books and journals for the scholarly, research and professional 
communities. The company publishes about 500 books annually and 
more than 120 journals in various fields. World Scientific 
collaborates with prestigious organisations like the Nobel 
Foundation, US National Academies Press, as well as its 
subsidiary, the Imperial College Press, amongst others, to bring 
high quality academic and professional content to researchers and 
academics worldwide. To find out more about World Scientific, 
please visit www.worldscientific.com.