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opening arXiv back-end was Re: Role of arXiv

On Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 4:42 AM, Joseph Esposito 
<espositoj@gmail.com> wrote:

> David Prosser's recent post on the deposit of articles in arXiv
> by Nobel laureates prompts some musings.
> What is the current uptake on arXiv for physics articles? ?Is it
> 100%, that is, are there any articles in the field that are
> published in traditional physics journals that do not appear in
> arXiv?
> Considering the centrality of arXiv to the physics community, it
> is difficult to imagine that it would ever disappear (or that
> anyone would want it to). ?My understanding is that arXiv is
> funded by a combination of support from Cornell, a large
> government grant, and contributions from other research
> universities. ?If this funding were to disappear (I heard it was
> threatened a year or two ago), would arXiv be resurrected by the
> community?

This is an excellent question. I tried to find the source code 
for the arXiv back-end software without success. and also a 
weekly data dump of the whole repository.

A good opportunity for arXiv to ensure perenity would be to 
provide the tools and the dataset to help the community to build 
other arXiv or resurrect one if required.

Maybe arXiv is working on something similar?

Alexandre Dulaunoy (adulau)