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Indian Citation Index Launched

This is very interesting.  Ann


Indian Citation Index (IndianCitationIndex.com) Launched

India is contributing good amount of knowledge contents to world 
literature but there is no tool for evaluation and measurement of 
its impact, quality and quantity. Accordingly, Indian 
researchers, scholars, policy makers, decision takers, funding 
agencies and others too have been facing a big problem to 
perform/assess the contribution/contributors objectively. At 
international level few tools/databases like WoS and SCOPUS are 
available but coverage of Indian knowledge contents in these 
databases are negligible.

Therefore, these tools/databases are not adequate to 
evaluate/analyze India's knowledge contents.

As is known that to come over such limitation, few of the 
countries, like China, Korea, Japan etc. have already brought out 
their own citation indexes for proper evaluation and 
representation of their R&D contribution. With the same approach 
and bridge existing gap, I am happy to inform you that the 
"Indian Citation Index (ICI)" has come in existence for the 
benefit of R&D community including researchers, planers, decision 
makers, funding agencies etc. and it is ready/available for users 
w.e.f. 25th October 2010.

Indian Citation Index (ICI) is a home grown citation database, 
planned to have multidisciplinary information/knowledge contents 
from about 1000 top Indian scholarly journals. It provides 
powerful search engine to perform search and evaluate 
researchers, policy makers, decision makers, institutions, 
subjects, city, state etc. Presently, ICI have five years back 
files data depth of 400 plus journals which would go over to 1000 
journals by March/April 2011. ICI is equipped with all major 
search features including analytics to serve the requirements of 
users. Also, by the end of December 2010, few more specific and 
elaborative search features will be in place to meet local needs 

Indian Citation Index (ICI) is developed by a society named "The 
Knowledge Foundation" which is fully supported by M/s Divan 
Enterprise. ICI as a product for sale, distribution, enter into 
agreements, receive revenue etc is exclusively owned by M/s Divan
Enterprise. The ICI may be accessed by its URL: 

We are happy to announce that Indian Citation Index (ICI) is 
being launched on 25th October 2010 at New Delhi, India.

Prakash Chand
Head ICI Project
Email: prakash[at]indiancitationindex.com