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Re: Budget cuts in the UK


There is already a spread to other jurisdictions.  The European 
University Association reported back in May on the scale of cuts 
across Europe:


Unfortunately the report is now rather out-of-date as the size of 
the UK cuts will be greater than those reported.  We do not yet 
know how the cuts will effect individual universities (but there 
is speculation that not all will survive the financial crisis) or 
individual libraries.  But it is clear that with massive cuts it 
will be impossible to maintain current levels of acquisitions at 
current (let alone increased) costs.


David Prosser
Executive Director, RLUK

On 22 Oct 2010, at 01:25, Joseph Esposito wrote:

> Some of the specifics of the UK budget cuts to higher education
> are cited here:
> http://bit.ly/aEi78V
> I don't see any favorable construction to put on this.  What
> makes me particularly anxious is the possibility that there will
> be a ripple effect in other jurisdictions.
> Joe Esposito