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Re: Faceted search across Cambridge Books & Journals Online

This is an excellent and much desired development! I have long 
argued the case for bridging the new "digital divide" between 
journal and book content, and I'm delighted to see this step 
being taken by Cambridge, while Johns Hopkins through its Project 
Muse's new initiative in adding book content is also going to 
allow for searching across book and journal content.

Sandy Thatcher

At 11:25 PM -0400 10/20/10, Tristan C Collier wrote:
>It's now possible to search across Cambridge Books Online (CBO)
>and Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) simultaneously using our new
>faceted search functionality.
>You can start your search from either CBO or CJO and the results
>will include book chapters and journal articles as the default.
>The results are displayed together on the same page, from where
>you can click through to whichever site hosts the content.
>Full options to exclude books, journals and facets, or to drill
>down, are available.
>Further functionality
>Due to the flexibility enabled by our in-house development teams,
>this enhancement to CBO and CJO has come outside the scheduled
>development timetable of 2 CBO releases and 3 CJO releases per
>year.  We look forward to introducing further enhancements soon.
>Please send feedback
>We are indebted to the library community for your input into the
>development of both CBO and CJO.  If you have any feedback about
>our faceted search functionality, we would love to hear from you.
>To submit your feedback please visit:
>Kind regards
>Tristan Collier
>Cambridge Journals
>Cambridge University Press