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EUP Announces New Archive

With apologies for cross posting...

Edinburgh University Press has completed an extensive project to 
digitise back issues of our journals. We are proud to announce 
the launch of the EUP Archive which will be available from 2011 
on EUP Journals Online, a fully hosted Atypon platform that is at 
the forefront of technology and innovation.

Key Features of the Archive . Over 40,000 pages . 14 journals . 
Over 4,000 articles . Over 370 issues . Over 165 volumes . 
Coverage from 1936 to 1999 . Subjects include History, Language & 
Literature, Law, Islamic Studies, Botany, Computing, Architecture 
and Media Studies.

Titles included in the EUP Archive:

Architectural Heritage (1990 to 1999, volumes 1-10)
Archives of Natural History (1936 to 1999, volumes 1-26)
Dance Research (1983 to 1999, volumes 1-17)
Edinburgh Law Review (1996 to 1999, volumes 1-3)
International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing (1994 to
   1999, volumes 6-11)
Innes Review (1950 to 1999, volumes 1-50)
Journal of Qur'anic Studies (1999, volume 1)
Journal of Scottish Historical Studies (1981 to 1999, volumes
Psychoanalysis and History (1999, volume 1)
Paragraph (1993 to 1999, volumes 16-22)
Romanticism (1995 to 1999, volumes 1-5)
Scottish Historical Review (1993 to 1999, volumes 72-78)
Studies in World Christianity (1995 to 1999, volumes 1-5)
Translation and Literature (1992 to 1999, volumes 1-8)

Pricing options listed below include annual subscription and 
outright purchase with hosting fee for all journals. A premium 
subscription, which includes access to a single journal archive, 
is available for selected journals.


Purchase Option

1. Outright purchase plus hosting via EUP Journals Online 
(includes perpetual access) in UK pounds:  1,772 + 120 annual 
hosting fee.

2. Annual subscription (does not include perpetual access): 
UK pounds 150.

Please email journals@eup.ed.ac.uk to place an order for outright 
purchase or annual subscription.

Further information, including pricing options and ordering 
information, can be found here: 

Sarah Edwards
Head of Journals
Edinburgh University Press
Edinburgh EH8 9LF
Email: Sarah.Edwards@eup.ed.ac.uk

Visit www.eupjournals.com to view full text articles of all EUP 
journals and sign up for TOC Alerts.