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Re: Looking for successful IRs

Universities and NII jointly work for various scholarly contents 
to realize the next generation scholarly content infrastructure. 
Institutional repositories are to serve for acquiring, 
organizing, preserving, and disseminating such scholarly 
information. They are a set of services by academic institutions 
for their academic communities to manage and publish digital 
contents they create.

To amplify the current content services and develop the next 
generation scholarly content infrastructure, NII supports for 
universities in Japan to introduce and operate institutional 

NII conducted a pilot project with 19 universities in 2005 ; in 
2006, NII entrusted a full-fledged project of IR promotion to 57 
universities selected among 77 applicants; and in 2007, the 
project was extended with additional 13 universities.

On 6 October 2010 02:19, Rick Anderson <rick.anderson@utah.edu> 

> A two-part question for the Collective Wisdom:
> 1.  Who among us has implemented a truly successful institutional
>    repository program?
> 2.  If you count yours as truly successful, why?
> I was going to ask for off-list responses, but maybe on-list ones
> would actually be more helpful for all.  I'll leave that to the
> discretion of each respondent.
> Thanks in advance.
> --
> Rick Anderson
> Assoc. Dir. for Scholarly Resources & Collections
> Marriott Library
> Univ. of Utah