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RE: Access to PION

Hi, Amy -

I followed your link and also went through our SFX link but was 
able to find the PDFs and open them coming in either way (we have 
this journal as well):

You may want to email the SFX list-serv, however, to see if 
others are having the same problem, since this appears to be more 
of a technical issue.  We have a similar problem with our OVID 
titles; the PDF option does not appear when linking with our 
GetText button, but it is there when we come in through the A-Z 
list or the catalog.  We had that fixed for a while, but when we 
had to make another change recently, this issue returned.

Best regards,

Stephanie Nicely Aken, Electronic Resources Coordinator, 
University of Kentucky Libraries
William T. Young Library
University of Kentucky

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Hi - A student on QP was trying to access the full text of 
Society & Space


and when they clicked the Pion link through SFX they aren't 
brought to fulltext (only citation).


Amy Buckland, MLIS
eScholarship, ePublishing & Digitization Coordinator
McGill University Library