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Fall 2010 Copyright Courses: Register Today!


The fall 2010 Center for Intellectual Property copyright course 
schedule include:

   Crayons, Computers, and Copyright:
     Making Sense of Copyright Opportunities in K-12 Teaching.
   Dates: October 4-15, 2010 (Register by 9/24).
   Instructor: Dwayne Buttler, J.D.

   Fair Use and Balance in Copyright: The Best Practices Model.
   Dates: November 8-19, 2010 (Register by 10/29).
   Instructors: Patricia Aufderheide, Ph.D., & Peter Jaszi, J.D.

Interested in more in-depth copyright education? The next Level 
One certificate course will be:

   Foundations in Copyright Management and Leadership.
   (Level One, includes 8-week Foundations Course
     plus one 2-week elective workshop; total 10 weeks)
   Dates: January 18 - March 11, 2011 (Register by 1/7).
   Instructor: Kimberly Bonner, J.D.

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Olga Francois, Assistant Director
Center for Intellectual Property
University of Maryland University College