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Springer's eBook program/MyCopy/SpringerOpen

Dear All,

I hope shortly to be interviewing Springer's CEO Derk Haank. I 
invite list members to suggest (off-list) any questions they feel 
it would be useful to put to Springer.

I would be particularly interested to hear the views/experiences of users of
Springer's STM eBook collection


which includes a service called MyCopy


As I understand it, MyCopy allows patrons of subscribing 
libraries (only) to order soft copies of books at a reduced 
price. Does anyone on the list subscribe to Springer eBooks, and 
has anyone used the MyCopy service? If so, I would be interested 
to hear about it, and how the service compares to other eBook 

Finally, I would be interested in list members' views on 
SpringerOpen (http://www.springeropen.com/), launched in June.

Best wishes,

Richard Poynder