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Re: Hindawi's Monthly Submissions Grow to Over 2,000

Does Hindawi charge a fee for submission or only for publication? 
Does it vary from journal to journal? if there is no fee for 
submissions, doesn't the publication fee have to increase in 
order to cover the higher processing costs for larger numbers of 
submissions? Is that fair to authors whose articles are accepted, 
i.e., paying a higher fee because more articles are turned down?

Sandy Thatcher

>Press Release
>Hindawi's Monthly Submissions Grow to Over 2,000
>Hindawi is pleased to announce that its growing portfolio of open
>access journals have collectively received more than 2,000
>monthly submissions for this first time this August, only a year
>and a half after having passed 1,000 monthly submissions in
>February 2009.
>"Over the past couple of years we have seen very strong growth
>both from new journals that we have developed as well as from
>many of our more well-established journals" said Mohamed Hamdy,
>Hindawi's Editorial Manager. "Our five largest journals have
>grown to more than 700 annual submissions each, and at the same
>time, quite a few of the journals that we have developed within
>the past two years are already receiving more than 100 annual
>"We are very pleased with the steady growth that we have seen in
>our submissions during the three and half years since we
>converted the last of our subscription-based journals to an open
>access model" said Paul Peters, Hindawi's Head of Business
>Development. "I believe that the success that we have seen comes
>from the high level of service that we provide to our authors, as
>well as the rigorous editorial standards of our journals. Over
>the past few years we have rejected about two thirds of the
>submissions that we receive across our journal collection, and
>these high standards have enabled our journals to establish
>strong reputations within the academic community."
>For more information please contact:
>Paul Peters
>Head of Business Development
>Hindawi Publishing Corporation
>Email: paul.peters@hindawi.com
>About Hindawi
>Hindawi Publishing Corporation is an open access publisher with
>250 peer reviewed journals in its collection covering a wide
>range of subjects in science, technology, medicine, and the
>social sciences. The company web site is located at
>Paul Peters
>Head of Business Development
>Hindawi Publishing Corporation