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RE: Eliminating references in medical books

I guess my first comment is, what will publishers think of next? 
Is this designed so libraries will need Expert Consult in order 
to have full access?  The print is designed for the individual 
purchaser and if a library wants the complete text their only 
option is to purchase Expert Consult.  It isn't as if the annual 
cost of a site license for multiple electronic titles comes 
anywhere close to what would have been spent on the print copies.

What bothers me so much about the publishing industry (especially 
medical) is that the articles and the text of the books are the 
result of many hours of work by the authors.  What financial 
support does the publisher contribute to the time and effort 
involved with a publication?  As far as I know, little or 
nothing.  I understand the need to publish in prestigious 
journals.  However, the articles are the product.  Pull the 
product.  Who is going to subscribe then?  I was especially 
frustrated when I found the annual report of a large publisher (I 
shall not name) mentioning the global recession but they were 
able to show a 14% profit in 2009.  What percentage increase did 
your acquisitions budgets receive?

Audrey Bondar
Henry Ford Hospital
Sladen Library
Detroit, MI