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STM appoints Richard Gedye Director of Outreach Programmes

The following should be of interest.


Oxford, 1 September 2010

>From 1 January 2011, STM is pleased to announce that Richard 
Gedye, currently Research Director at Oxford University Press, 
will assume responsibility for STM's Outreach Programmes upon his 
retirement from OUP. These programmes include Research4Life and 
patientINFORM access initiatives, the ARDI patent project and 
STM's activities with library organisations.

For the last ten years Research4Life and its separate HINARI, 
AGORA, and OARE programmes, together with patientINFORM and ARDI 
have been expertly developed and run by Maurice Long, who will be 
retiring from STM at the end of 2010.

Richard Gedye has 19 years experience at OUP, where his 
successive roles as head of journals marketing and sales have 
brought him into extensive contact with all players in the 
international academic research distribution chain - authors, 
primary and secondary publishers, subscription agents, ILS 
vendors, libraries and readers. Richard also founded and chairs 
until the end of 2010 the usage statistics organisation COUNTER.

Michael Mabe, CEO of STM commented:

"I am delighted to welcome Richard to STM to continue our 
historic support and coordination of these exceptional 
humanitarian programmes. Maurice Long has been a key figure in 
their success and will be much missed by all our partners and his 
colleagues at STM. I am confident Richard's unique set of 
abilities and experiences make him the ideal person to build and 
develop further Maurice's ground-breaking work."

Speaking about his new appointment and role in the Research4Life 
Programme, Richard Gedye commented,

"The three just-published reviews of the [Research4Life] Project 
- User Experience, Infrastructure, and Literature - provide a 
fitting tribute to the contribution Research4Life has made, 
under Maurice Long's skilful guidance, to the planned 
achievement of [the UN Development] goals by 2015. At the same 
time they provide me with a timely roadmap ... As someone who 
was involved almost from the start as a participant in the 
projects that make up this programme, I feel excited and 
privileged to be offered the opportunity to take on a deeper 


HINARi, AGORA and OARE, now known collectively as Research4Life, 
provide full text access to more than 7,000 journals mainly 
without charge to thousands of institutions in over one hundred 
of the world's poorest countries.  Other partners in these 
programmes include WHO, FAO, UNEP, Cornell and Yale Universities 
and Microsoft Corporation. The Research4Life programmes are 
linked to the UN Millennium Development Goals.

patientINFORM, jointly supported by STM and PSP (the Professional 
and Scholarly Publishing Division of the American Association of 
Publishers) is a free online service that provides patients and 
their carers with access to some of the most up-to-date, 
reliable, and important research available about the diagnosis 
and treatment of specific diseases. In patientINFORM, consumers 
have the ability to not only read the latest research, but also 
to find help interpreting that information and accessing 
additional materials.

ARDI is a partnership with WIPO (UN World Intellectual Property 
Organization) to provide access to a range of core research 
technical journals and other serial publications to patent 
offices in more than 100 developing countries, including all the 
50 Least Developed Countries.

STM is an international association of more than 100 scientific, 
technical, medical and scholarly publishers, collectively 
responsible for more than 60% of the global annual output of 
research articles, 55% of the active research journals and the 
publication of tens of thousands of print and electronic books, 
reference works and databases. We are the only international 
trade association equally representing all types of STM 
publishers - large and small companies, not for profit 
organizations, learned societies, traditional, primary, secondary 
publishers and new entrants to global publishing.

Contact: For further information, contact Michael Mabe, STM, 
Prama House, 267 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7HT, UK

tel: +44 1865 339324/fax: +44 1865 339325
e-mail: mabe@stm-assoc.org

Janice E. Kuta
Director of Membership & Marketing
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