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Penn State Press announces 2011 prices and new journals

Penn State Press announces 2011 prices and new journals

The Pennsylvania State University Press announces 2011 journals 

List available at 
(Excel file).

New journals added to publishing program.

The Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures [ISSN 1947-6566, 
Christine F. Cooper-Rompato and Robert Hasenfratz, Editors] 
(formerly Mystics Quarterly) chiefly publishes peer-reviewed 
essays on mystical and devotional texts, especially but not 
exclusively of the Western Middle Ages. In its new form it will 
seek to expand its areas of focus to include the relationship of 
medieval religious cultures outside Europe. 

Utopian Studies [ISSN 1045-991X, Nicole Pohl, Editor] is a 
peer-reviewed publication of the Society for Utopian Studies, 
publishing scholarly articles on a wide range of subjects related 
to utopias, utopianism, utopian literature, utopian theory, and 
intentional communities. 

The Journal of Modern Periodical Studies [ISSN 1947-6574, Mark 
Morrisson and Sean Latham, Editors] is a peer-reviewed scholarly 
on-line journal devoted to the academic study of "little 
magazines" of the modern period. Contributions will investigate 
from a wide variety of angles daily newspapers, weeklies, 
monthlies, quarterlies, and irregularly published small magazines 
published from 1880 to 1950 in the English-speaking world. 

Transportation Journal [ISSN 0041-1612, Evelyn Thomchick, Editor] 
is published quarterly by the American Society of Transportation 
and Logistics to disseminate research findings and original 
writings on transportation, logistics, and related fields. 

Subscription information and a complete list of titles are 
available at http://psupress.org/journals/jnls_main.html.

The Pennsylvania State University Press participates in Project 
Muse and JSTOR Current Scholarship Program.

As the publishing arm of the Pennsylvania State University and a 
division of the Penn State University Libraries and Scholarly 
Communications, Penn State University Press is dedicated to 
serving the University community, the citizens of Pennsylvania, 
and scholars worldwide by publishing books and journals of the 
highest quality. The Press promotes the advance of scholarship by 
disseminating knowledge-new information, interpretations, methods 
of analysis-with an emphasis on core fields of the humanities and 
social sciences.

Heather Smith
Penn State Press
Journals Marketing