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Universidad de Concepcion Licenses Access to AMA Journals

PRESS RELEASE: Leiden, The Netherlands, July 27, 2010

Universidad de Concepcion Licenses Access to AMA Journals

Accucoms (www.accucoms.com <http://www.accucoms.com/> ) announced 
today that it has negotiated an agreement between the Universidad 
de Concepcion and the American Medical Association (AMA). The 
agreement provides site-wide access for the university to the 
entire JAMA & Archives family of journals as well as the AMA's 
latest journal, Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness.

While the Universidad de Concepcion has long held JAMA and the 
Archives journals in their print holdings, this marks the 
transition to online, site-wide access for the university.

'One of our current challenges is to evaluate migration from 
print to online access,' said Lya Hernandez, Acquisition 
Librarian at the Universidad de Concepcion. 'The cost of the AMA 
site license access was acceptable for our library, considering 
the high usage of the journals and the importance of the content. 
Other factors that influenced our decision include the 
flexibility of the AMA in regards to payment conditions, a very 
efficient customer service with quick and helpful answers to our 
questions and requirements, and a user-friendly online platform.'

'The Universidad de Concepcion had requirements surrounding the 
release of funds that we needed to work around,' noted Anouk 
Snijders, Accucoms Sales Manager for Latin America. 'Fortunately, 
the AMA was able to accommodate the university.'

'The Universidad de Concepcion is a long-time customer and we 
were delighted to work with them in this transition' said Saskia 
Bolore, Sales Manager, Americas, at the AMA. 'We had just begun 
negotiations with the university when the earthquake struck Chile 
in February. The epicenter was very close to Concepcion and they 
were particularly affected. While we immediately provided free 
online access to institutions in the region, we were glad to be 
in communication with the university so that we could spread the 
word about the resources we had available, including our newest 
journal, Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, which 
contained information highly relevant to the situation.'

'We see Chile in particular, and Latin America in general, as a 
growth area for many publishers-particularly as institutions in 
the region shift to site licensing,' noted Pinar Erzin, Managing 
Director, Accucoms. 'This agreement between the AMA and 
Universidad de Concepcion is illustrative of how publisher 
flexibility with regard to licensing and payment terms can enable 
new business, benefiting publisher and library alike.'

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ACCUCOMS provides cost-effective and efficient inbound and 
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Since 1883 The American Medical Association has continuously 
published JAMA, one of the most widely circulated peer-reviewed 
general medical journals in the world. Together with the 
specialty Archives Journals, the JAMA & Archives family of 
journals is committed to promoting the science and art of 
medicine and the betterment of public health. The American 
Medical Association also publishes Disaster Medicine and Public 
Health Preparedness and American Medical News. For more 
information about AMA publications, please contact 

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