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Newspaper Chain's New Business Plan: Copyright Suits


* By David Kravets Email Author
* July 22, 2010  |
* 3:29 pm  |
* Categories: The Courts, intellectual property

Steve Gibson has a plan to save the media world's financial 
crisis -- and it's not the iPad.

Borrowing a page from patent trolls, the CEO of fledgling Las 
Vegas-based Righthaven has begun buying out the copyrights to 
newspaper content for the sole purpose of suing blogs and 
websites that re-post those articles without permission. And he 
says he's making money.

"We believe it's the best solution out there," Gibson says. 
"Media companies' assets are very much their copyrights. These 
companies need to understand and appreciate that those assets 
have value more than merely the present advertising revenues."

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