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Publisher pricing freezes for 2011 - Preliminary list - Information sought

For a second year, MLA's Ad Hoc Committee for Advocating 
Scholarly Communications is compiling a list of publishers who 
have frozen 2011 prices at 2010 levels in recognition of 
continued economic constraints.  See below for publishers who 
have provided information on freezes on at least some of their 
journals. This detail will be posted to MLANET.

If anyone knows of other STM publishers who have committed to no 
price increases (or actual decreases) for at least some of their 
journals for 2011, please send this information to me.  We will 
share the list once it's compiled.  Thanks very much.

National Academy of Sciences
Ecological Society of America
Edinburgh University Press
American Society of Clinical Oncology
The Medical Letter, Inc
Oncology Nursing Society
Royal Society Publishing
American Veterinary Medical Association
MIT Press

Karen Albert, MLS, AHIP
Library Director
Paul J. Gutman Library
Philadelphia University
Philadelphia, PA 19144
Website: http://www.philau.edu/library