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ACLS Panel Discussion on the Google Books Settlement

The audio file described below may be of interest to those 
following the Google Settlement.

Also for a collection of essays on the Settlement, see the brand 
new June (ALA Annual) 2010 issues of AGAINST THE GRAIN (which is 
in print format).  The essays in that publication aim for a broad 
overview and include pieces by:

*Ivy Anderson, California Digital Library (a librarian 

*Pamela Samuelson, University of California (author perspective)

*James O'Donnell, Georgetown University (scholar perspective)

*Paul Whitney, Vancouver Public Library (Canadian Perspective)

*Stuart Hamilton, IFLA (The Netherlands -- international library 

Ann Okerson

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From: Stephanie Feldman <sfeldman@acls.org>
Date: Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 10:51 AM
Subject: ACLS Panel Discussion on the Google Books Settlement
To: Stephanie Feldman <sfeldman@acls.org>

As collections of digitized texts, images, and other content 
increase in number and size, they are becoming important, even 
essential, resources for research in the humanities and 
interpretive social sciences. Google Books is only the most 
prominent of many mass digitization efforts now afoot. At the 
2010 ACLS Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, a panel examined the 
benefits and shortfalls of the Google Books Settlement for the 
scholarly community. The panelists were:

*Daniel Clancy, engineering director, Google Book Search

*Helen Cullyer, associate program officer, Scholarly 
Communications Program, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

*James Grimmelmann, associate professor, New York Law School and 
member, New York Law School Institute for Information Law and 
Policy, and

*James O'Donnell, provost, Georgetown University and secretary, 
ACLS Board of Directors

The session was moderated by Jonathan D. Culler, Class of 1916 
Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Cornell 
University and member, ACLS Board of Directors

ACLS is pleased to present the 2010 Annual Meeting program 
session in both streaming audio and mp3 file on its website at