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Brill announces 2011 Journal Prices

*** With apologies for cross-posting ***

Brill is pleased to inform you that 2011 journal prices are now 
available for all Brill journals (including imprints Martinus 
Nijhoff Publishers and VSP).


Our 2011 Journal Price List can be found at: 
(Excel file)


New Brill Titles from 2010 - not announced in our 2010 Price List:

*Canadian-American Slavic Studies (http://www.brill.nl/css) new 
at Brill from 2010 (Volume 44.

*Inner Asia new at Brill from 2010 (Volume 12).

*Journal of Modern Russian History and Historiography 
(http://www.brill.nl/jmrh) new at Brill from 2010 (Volume 3)

New Brill Titles from 2011:

*East Asian Publishing and Society new from 2011 (Volume 1).

*International Journal for the Study of Skepticism new from 2011 
(Volume 1).

*Journal of Sephardi and Mizrahi Studies new from 2011 (Volume 

*Journal of Sufi Studies new from 2011 (Volume 1).

*Language Dynamics and Change new from 2011 (Volume 1).

New at Brill from 2011

*Journal of Language Contact new at Brill from 2011 (Volume 4).

*Nuncius, new at Brill from 2011 (Volume 26).

2010 VOLUME = 2011 VOLUME:

*Asian Medicine  (http://www.brill.nl/asme)
2011 = Volume 6 (Volume 6 also announced and invoiced for 2010).

*Journal of Early American History  (http://www.brill.nl/jeah)
2011 = Volume 1 (Volume 1 also announced for  2010).

For additional information (frequency changes and ceased titles), 
please check the following document:

Additional Information Journals 2011:


Now available: Journal Archive Part II covering 2000-2009. The 
Brill Journal Archives Online now offer access to over 100,000 
articles (1.265 million pages) published before the year 2010, 
covering over 3,300 volumes of now 157 scholarly journals. The 
Journal Archives consist of two parts, the first covering the 
19th and 20th century and the second part the first decade of the 
21st century. For more information, see www.brill.nl/e-journals.

Please also note that:

*More than 140 titles are now available online from Brill.

*An increasing number of Brill titles now offer Fast Track 
(advance online) article publication.

*For institutions three subscription options are available: 
online only, print only or combined print plus online.

*Access to the complete electronic archive, going back to Volume 
1, No. 1 (where applicable) is included in institutional 

*After cancellation, perpetual access is guaranteed to purchased 
online content since 2000.

*Long-term preservation of all electronic content is secured by 
arrangements with the Dutch National Library (NL) and Portico 

*Journal packages and archive collections are available to 
Consortia. For details please contact sales@brill.nl.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to 
contact me at egmonde@brill.nl or check the following web pages:

www.brill.nl/journals or www.brill.nl/e-journals.

Kind regards,

Ms Els van Egmond
Manager Journal Marketing
NL-2300 PA Leiden, The Netherlands
Tel direct: +31 71 535 3436
Fax: +31 71 535 3542
E-mail: egmonde@brill.nl