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2011 Pricing and News from MIT Press Journals

News from MIT Press Journals

2011 Pricing Available

2011 Pricing from MIT Press Journals is now available, with an 
average price increase of 2.5% from 2010. In this difficult 
economic climate, with budget cuts deeply affecting libraries, 
The MIT Press realizes the importance of keeping journals 
affordable and strives to keep pricing as low as possible. While 
the slight pricing increase is necessary to cover current 
operating costs, the Press continues to work towards keeping 
prices low, with the goal of disseminating its materials as 
widely as possible. Please follow the link to find a full listing 
of 2011 Prices from MIT Press Journals: 

QJE and JEEA to Depart

Two economic journals from the MIT Press collection will depart 
in 2011: The Quarterly Journal of Economics will move to Oxford 
University Press, and Journal of the European Economic 
Association will move to Wiley-Blackwell. While the loss of these 
publications is not without impact, the MIT Press Journals 
Economics publishing program remains highly robust, with strong 
offerings in economics such as The Review of Economics and 
Statistics, as well as Asian Economic Papers. The MIT Press has 
valued the opportunity to publish both QJE and JEEA during their 
tenure at the Press. For information on 2011 renewals please 
contact the respective new publishers for each journal.

World Policy Journal will also be leaving the MIT Press for a yet 
to be determined publisher in 2011.

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience moving to Online-Only in 2011

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, the leading publication in the 
mind sciences, will become online-only with Volume 23, starting 
in January 2011. Each issue will be published exclusively in PDF, 
PDF Plus, and full-text HTML formats. JOCN will continue to 
feature the same, fully illustrated color format and offer access 
to the entire online archive with a current subscription. While 
print issues of the journal will no longer be published after 
January, individual print back issues will still be available for 
purchase from The MIT Press. JOCN will of course continue to 
publish interdisciplinary work of the highest standards covering 
all aspects of neuroscience and brain-behavior interaction, in a 
highly-accessible online format.

CISnet: A New Resource from the MIT Press

The MIT Press recently introduced a new online resource: CISnet, 
which brings together many of the MIT Press's recent and classic 
titles in computer and information science into a fully 
searchable online library located at 
http://cisnet.mit.edu<http://cisnet.mit.edu/>. Subscribers have 
access to over 200 MIT Press books on topics including 
programming, artificial intelligence, machine learning, human 
computer interaction, databases, digital libraries, networking, 
and robotics. Recently added titles include HCI Remixed (edited 
by Thomas Erickson and David W. McDonald), Using OpenMP (Barbara 
Chapman, Gabriele Jost, and Ruud van der Pas), Virtual Music 
(David Cope), and Group Cognition (Gerry Stahl). Books can be 
viewed page-by-page and are fully searchable. CISnet is the 
Press's second collection of e-books in a single subject area, 
coming ten years after the groundbreaking MIT CogNet, a 
collection of full-text journal content, reference works and 
books in the cognitive and brain sciences.