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RE: iPhone 4 for scholars

Scholarly Kitchen does have an RSS feed, but it is seriously 
flawed.  Rather than offering the full feed of posts, it only 
offers a few lines, at which point one needs to leave one's RSS 
reader and go to the web site to see the full essay.  The 
publisher of Scholarly Kitchen has indicated to me that he is 
more interested in controlling how people interact with its 
content, ostensibly for the benefit of its authors, then allowing 
readers to shape the reading experience as they see fit.

It is this sort of attitude that is going to kill scholarly 
publishing and why I don't bother with the postings (except when 
Joe Esposito insists that there is something important there). 
Readers, not publishers, should be in control of how we consume 


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Does Scholarly Kitchen have an RSS feed?  If so, perhaps
interested readers could use that, so saving Joe and other
Scholarly Kitchen authors the trouble of alerting us to each
other's post.