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RE: May issue of the SPARC Open Access Newsletter

To clarify - Sandy Thatcher's point about not accepting articles 
that would do economic damage to the journal was in response to 
Pippa Smart's comment that journals could refuse to accept 
articles that had funding covered by FRPAA.  This post can be 
found here: 

The point that I had meant to make is that basing publishing 
decisions on anticipated impact on journal revenue is not a 
desirable practice from an academic viewpoint.  From a more 
practical perspective, a journal that refuses articles by authors 
of the large and growing number of open access policies is likely 
to see diminishing content - good reason for prioritizing such a 
journal for cancellation, from the viewpoint of this librarian.

My apologies for any confusion.  I think that this arose because 
Sandy Thatcher used the term "economic damage", and I did not 
copy the full original post.

Heather Morrison, MLIS
The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics