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University of Arizona--Digital Information Management

May 2010 - For immediate release

Digital Information Management Podcasts

The University of Arizona Digital Information Management (DigIn) 
certificate program recently hosted a series of talks by members 
of the program's national advisory panel. The resulting podcasts 
offer an in-depth discussion of critical themes we explore 
regularly in the DigIn courses as we help information 
professionals meet the challenges we face in the digital 
environment today.

All podcasts are available at:



Friday, April 23, 2010
University of Arizona Main Library

"Career Paths for Information Professionals: Looking Ahead to 

A panel discussion with members of the national advisory panel 
for the Digital Information Management (DigIn) graduate 
certificate program. This discussion examines the evolving role 
of the information professions today, and focuses on the skills 
and knowledge professionals need to build effective careers in a 
fast-changing environment.

Peter Botticelli
Director, DigIn program

Charles Bailey, Jr.
Publisher, Digital Scholarship

Richard Pearce-Moses
Past President, Society of American Archivists
Deputy Director for Technology and Information Resources,
Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records

Christine Szuter
Professor of Practice and Director
Scholarly Publishing certificate program,
Arizona State University

Pete Watters
Technology Officer
Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records


Friday, April 23, 2010
James E. Rogers College of Law

Roberta I. Shaffer
Law Librarian of Congress

"Digitization and the Future of Law Libraries"

Legal Information is increasingly born digital and presents 
challenges of authenticity and preservation that are critical 
because of the role of legal authorities in establishing the 
"rule of law." This presentation by Roberta I. Shaffer, the Law 
Librarian of Congress, will discuss unique challenges that face 
law makers, law practitioners, and information professionals who 
are the stewards of our legal legacy. Ms. Shaffer will also 
discuss developments at the Library of Congress that are designed 
to address some of the concerns.


Friday, April 23, 2010
University of Arizona Main Library

Richard Pearce-Moses
Past President, Society of American Archivists
Director of Digital Government Information,
Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records

"Curating the Digital Past: Lessons from the PeDALS Project"

As the volume and complexity of digital information continues to 
grow, archivists and librarians have begun to develop the tools 
needed to preserve society's legacy of digital records. This 
presentation by Richard Pearce-Moses will discuss the PeDALS 
project, a nationally-recognized digital preservation initiative 
funded by the Library of Congress, National Digital Information 
Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) as part of its 
Preserving State Government Information initiative. This 
initiative focuses on capturing, preserving, and providing access 
to a rich variety of state and local government digital 


DigIn is part of the University of Arizona School of Information 
Resources and Library Science. Major funding for the program 
comes from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services 
(IMLS), which has also provided scholarship funding.

Additional details on the program, including course descriptions, 
admissions requirements and application forms may be found on the 
program website:


Applicants may also contact the DigIn staff at: