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Re: Free online journal submission software

Our experience at Scholarly Exchange over the past six years 
hosting several dozen journals of all stripes on OJS has been 
positive and instructive.

We have been able to provide a highly dependable 
supported-and-hosted OJS platform at minimal cost (first year 
free, subsequent years US $750 for single journals, $500 for 
5-or-more) to the journals.  This frees them from any technical 
requirements and special costs.  It has appealed to both 
societies and universities as a cost-efficient method for 
starting and maintaining journals.  It has enabled the journals 
to e-publish with a fully-loaded per-article cost in the range of 
$50-60, well below the $1500-4000 costs stated for other 
publishing methods.  It makes open access an immediate and 
affordable reality for many small and large journals.

Julian Fisher

Julian H. Fisher, MD
Managing Director
Scholarly Exchange, Inc.