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Directory of Open Access Journals reaches new milestones

Directory of Open Access Journals reaches new milestones -- now 7 
years of operation, now more than 5 000 journals, now more than 2 
000 journals searchable on article level, very soon more than 400 
000 articles searchable!

*   Aggregating and disseminating scholarly Open Access journals 
since may 2003!

*   Developing Open Access Journals by means of promoting open 
re-use policies - the SPARC Europe SEAL 

*   Working for long term archiving of Open Access Journals 
in cooperation with the National Library of the Netherlands 
[http://www.kb.nl/index-en.html] - project sponsored by the 
Swedish Library Association 

*   During the years sponsored by Open Society Institute 
[http://www.soros.org/], SPARC [http://www.arl.org/sparc/], SPARC 
Europe [http://www.sparceurope.org/], EBSCO 
[http://www.ebscohost.com/], INASP [http://www.inasp.info/], 
Axiell [http://www.axiell.se/home], National Library of Sweden 
[http://www.kb.se/hjalp/english/] & Swedish Library Association 
[http://www.biblioteksforeningen.org/]. We are very grateful for 
the contributions from our sponsors.

*   Supported by the community via the DOAJ membership program 
[http://www.doaj.org/doaj?func=membership]. We are very grateful 
for the support from individuals, universities, research 
institutions, library consortia and aggregators. The 
contributions have made it possible for us to do the work that we 
are doing.  However there is much more work to be done - 
therefore if you, your university or your library consortium 
doesn=B4t have a DOAJ membership, please consider becoming a 
member. We need your support to do more than we already are 

Lars Bjornshauge
Director of Lund University Libraries