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ebrary Launches Free Natural Disaster and Extreme Weather Site

ebrary, provider of digital content products and technologies, 
has launched a free, publicly available research center featuring 
hundreds of important government documents related to natural 
disasters and extreme weather. The site is available today at 

While important information is produced by government agencies, 
many pertinent documents are created as PDFs, which are often 
cumbersome to download and search across multiple sites. However, 
with ebrary's technology, every word of every document is now 
fully searchable and usable.

ebrary's new site is one of a series of research centers that 
employees are building using DASH! (Data Sharing, Fast) and other 
ebrary services. Last November, ebrary staff created the H1N1 
Searchable Information Center, which is freely available at 

Customers may add any of ebrary's searchable research centers to 
their channels by emailing site-update@ebrary.com. The company 
also plans to launch several additional sites this year and 
welcomes suggestions at dash@ebrary.com .

Please visit 
http://www.ebrary.com/corp/newspdf/ebrary_Disaster.pdf to view 
the press release.