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Re: How do your libraries handle end-user agreements?

In one situation where we could not reach agreement with the 
vendor, we created a pass-through page with the terms from the 
license. Our users have to click on a button: "I have the read 
the above notice - Start [product name]." That was the only way 
we could get around the license requirements that would work 
according to University counsel.

Leslie Czechowski, Assistant Director
Collections&  Technical Services
University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library System
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
email: lczech@pitt.edu

On 3/17/2010 9:07 PM, Rebecca Kemp wrote:

> We have come up against a situation here where there is a 
> combination of an institutional license, which we can modify, 
> and an optional end-user agreement (terms of use) to which 
> users will have to agree if they want to use added 
> functionality of the resource in question.  Because these terms 
> of use are on the vendor's website, it's unlikely that we'd be 
> able to modify them.
> I understand that we, the library, are not bound by the end 
> user agreement.  However, I don't like passing on the 
> responsibility of looking at an agreement to our end users.
> List members, how do you handle situations such as this?  Do 
> you have policies regarding resources that may require end 
> users to enter into an agreement?
> Many thanks for considering,
> Rebecca