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Upcoming ALCTS webinars

With apologies for cross-posting, here is a message regarding 
upcoming ALCTS webinars.


ALCTS announces four new webinars on Institutional Repositories

Wednesday March 24, 2010 - Making the Most of your Descriptive 
Metadata: Planning, Tranforming, and Re-using, presented by 
Marisa Ramirez and Nancy Fallgren*

*This webinar was prepared by Nancy Fallgren in her private 
capacity.  The views expressed do not represent the view of or 
endorsement by the United States Government or the National 
Library of Medicine.

Metadata is essential for organizing, searching, and managing 
information resources, particularly as libraries expand their 
efforts in making their collections available on the web. 
Libraries are populating institutional repositories with a myriad 
of resources, including digitized special collections materials, 
finding aids, electronic theses, peer-reviewed faculty work and 
other research, scholarship and creative outputs.  But what are 
libraries doing about the descriptive metadata that allows users 
to search, find, and select these resources in their 
repositories?  What redundancies are created when libraries 
engage in collecting, enhancing, or redistributing metadata in 
siloed systems?  Can redundant metadata generation efforts be 
streamlined?  We will discuss some current descriptive metadata 
practices in institutional repositories, identify areas where 
redundant efforts may occur, and discuss strategies to improve 
management, collection, and re-use of descriptive metadata.

The webinar requires a basic understanding of metadata and XML.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 - Selecting an IR Platform: Options, 
Approaches and Implications, presented by Bob Gerrity

This webinar will explore the basics of determining the "right" 
IR platform for your institution. It will cover issues such as 
the benefits and drawbacks of open-source vs. commercial 
platforms and hosted vs. local installations, determining what 
level of local technical expertise is required for a successful 
IR implementation, understanding functional requirements, etc. 
The webinar is not intended to provide detailed information about 
any specific IR platform, but rather to provide useful context 
for evaluating and selecting a platform that will work.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 - The consortial-campus view: 
Reinventing the IR from all directions, presented by Sharon Farb, 
Bonnie Tijerina, and Catherine Mitchell

The California Digital Library supports the 10 University of 
California campuses' institutional repository and campus 
publishing efforts through the development and central hosting of 
eScholarship.  This presentation will give an overview of a 
centralized model and the scholarly publishing initiatives taking 
place at the University of California. The director of the 
Publishing Group at the CDL will begin the conversation with an 
overview of the publishing and dissemination services available 
through eScholarship and the outreach and marketing campaign 
recently launched in conjunction with the UC campuses.  An 
eScholarship Liaison from UCLA will discuss the role of campus 
librarians in this model and highlight successful faculty and 
graduate student publications which transitioned from print to 
online journals.  The presentation will conclude with a library 
administrator's perspective on new roles for academic libraries 
and how this works fits in the mission of the institution.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - Perpetual Beta: Early Literature about 
Institutional Repositories and What Assessment Can Tell Us Now, 
presented by Allison Sivak and Leah Vanderjagt

As we develop new technologies for managing, accessing, and 
preserving information materials, libraries concurrently develop 
our theories and predictions for how those new technologies will 
affect our operations, services, and patrons; these predictions 
create a framework within which we designate our workflows and 
measures of success. But to what extent do we consider whether 
these early assumptions are viable or realistic? How do we 
understand methods of assessment for institutional repositories 
(IRs) when we are in a state of perpetual beta? Leah and Allison 
will discuss their findings from a review of the early literature 
and strategic documents and corresponding/related current 
statements on IR success, showing the changes between theory and 
practice, with implications for planning and assessment.


ALCTS thanks Berkeley Electronic Press for the generous support 
of this series of webinars.

All webinars begin at 2pm Eastern, 1pm Central, noon Mountain and 
11am Pacific time and run approximately one hour.

Please note that all webinars are recorded, so if it is not 
possible to participate in the webinar during the broadcast, all 
registrants will receive instructions on accessing the recording 
of the session.

For additional details about each webinar, please visit: 

To register, complete the online registration form located at: 

Webinar Fees for Institutional Repositories Series

INDIVIDUALS (one person watching from 1 access point)
ALCTS members:  $39 each; $99 any 3; $159 any 5; $219 any 7
Nonmembers: $49 each; $129 any 3; $209 any 5;  $289 any 7

GROUP RATE (a group of people watching webinar together from 1 access point)
Members and nonmembers: $99 each; $269 any 3; $439 any 5; $609 any 7

*The one-time fee includes unlimited access to the webinar recording and

For questions about registration, contact Tom Ferren, ALA Senior
Registration Coordinator at 1-800-545-2433, ext. 4293 or tferren@ala.org.


Cindy Hepfer
Head, Electronic Periodicals Management &
                   Continuing Resources Cataloging
Central Technical Services
University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Buffalo, NY 14260-2210