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RE: The elephant in the room

Toby, I want to add China on thread for national license models, for STM
content at least, we help run trials for smaller publishers, all carried out
collectively the same time, but negotiated individually, so it can be a
little easier for them to get in to this market, albeit it is getting harder
with more competition, and it's definitely difficult for them to try and
make these sales on their own without support. Keeping to a standard
contract is also key, although I have to say each year new clauses do keep
being added that extend negotiations, thankfully most publishers see the
ultimate value and benefit.

Best wishes

Adrian Stanley
Chief Executive Officer
The Charlesworth Group (USA)

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A national license model exists in one or two markets: Brazil and
Greece are examples. There are upsides and downsides with them,
not least considerable time spent negotiating the arrangements.
Small publishers will find it hard to break into such
negotiations for the same reason as they find it hard to take a
share of library budgets. Hence solutions like ALPSP ejournal
collection whereby small publishers can gather in a "shoal" to
compete with the big boys. (I should point out that I will be
ALPSP chair from Jan). Toby