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Accucoms Develops New Gap Analysis Tool

Accucoms has recently developed a gap analysis tool that will 
help publishers identify gaps in their market penetration.

The tool is the result of a large-scale research project 
undertaken by Accucoms and includes comprehensive information on 
the subject focus of institutions worldwide.

The tool will help any publisher using Accucoms' suite of direct 
marketing and sales representations services identify potential 
subscribers in underrepresented geographic regions and allow a 
much more targeted approach to their marketing efforts.

Pinar Erzin, Managing Director of Accucoms, says "Our gap 
analysis tool provides publishers with essential strategic 
information about possible growth in certain regions and on a 
tactical level, it offers qualified, relevant and up-to-date 
lists of prospects. Gathering this information is not a trivial 
task but it is information that every publishing organisation 

For the full press release please visit 

Tracy Gardner
TGM / Renew Training