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Google Settlement Milestone

By Jim Milliot -- Publishers Weekly, 11/19/2009 2:03:00 PM

Judge Denny Chin has given his preliminary approval to the Google 
Book Search settlement agreement and established a timeline to 
move the agreement toward a final resolution.  A final 
settlement/fairness hearing has been set for February 18 at which 
Judge Chin will hear arguments to determine whether the agreement 
is 'fair, reasonable, adequate;' considers whether to certify the 
class for purposes of the settlement; and to make a determination 
whether to approve the agreement.

Prior to the hearing, the judge has ordered that supplemental 
notices about the amended agreement be sent beginning December 
14, and he set a January 28 deadline for objections to be filed 
with the court.  In his order, Judge Chin reiterated that only 
objections to the amended agreement will be considered, noting 
that previously submitted comments will be considered and do not 
need to be re-filed. Preliminary approval of the deal had been 
widely expected, but does mark a major step toward a conclusion.

[With thanks to Ivy Anderson of CDL for this]