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question about e book license

I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the purchase of an 

It is a one- time purchase of an e- reference volume with 
perpetual access rights. Small print says we will always have 
access to this reference work by paying a one-time fee...

... Unless we cancel each and every journal subscription from 
this publisher (there is a 99.9999% chance we will never cancel 
all the subscriptions from this publisher), ...and then there's a 
lengthy paragraph on annual access fees coming into play if this 
is the only remaining volume we access from this publisher..

We have always signed this type of statement fully confident we 
will always have subscriptions from this publisher so we will 
always have access.

Would anyone take the time to tangle with the publisher to change 
such wording to say, for example: "one time payment for perpetual 
access is just that, period. Take out all the wording about extra 
fees in the event we end all relationships with this publisher"

Thanks in advance for your expertise.

Matt Person

Matthew Person
Tech Services Coordinator
Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA