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Lyrasis: announcing LYRA resource sharing group

Press Release

LYRASIS Launches LYRA Resource Sharing Group

Atlanta, GA, November 9, 2009 -- LYRASIS announces the launch of LYRA, a new resource sharing group serving the LYRASIS Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and New England regions.

As the nation's largest regional organization serving librarians and information professionals, LYRASIS facilitates collaborative initiatives and promotes expanded opportunities for members to share with each other. The new LYRA resource sharing initiative is an excellent example of the organization's vision.

LYRA is an opt-in resource sharing group open to all LYRASIS members. Members of LYRA will agree to borrow and lend returnable items (books and other resources) to other LYRA members for free. "Covering more than 22 states plus the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, LYRA represents a major increase in free lending opportunities for LYRASIS members," said Russell Palmer, educational services librarian at LYRASIS.

Legacy LYRASIS organizations (PALINET, SOLINET, and NELINET) maintained smaller regional resource sharing groups in their original regions, including No Bucks (NELINET), and SOLINE (SOLINET), which remain active and available to LYRASIS members. LYRASIS will continue to manage the SOLINE and NO Bucks resource sharing groups. In addition, the SO6 group, formerly composed of a subset of SOLINE libraries agreeing to lend non-returnable items (photocopies of articles) to each other for free, will now be open to all interested LYRA members, greatly expanding the opportunities for sharing articles from journals, magazines, newspapers, and other serials.

"Members have outstanding options now for resource sharing and can choose the right one for their library. They can maintain membership in the smaller regional groups as their sole affiliation; join LYRA in addition and greatly expand their resource sharing capabilities; join SO6 for serials sharing; or they can opt to join only LYRA," said Palmer.

For LYRASIS members interested in participating in LYRA or SO6, for more information, or to update/change resource sharing group memberships, contact the Member Services Help Desk at 800.999.8558 or email membersupport@lyrasis.org.

About Lyrasis

Created in 2009 by the merger of PALINET and SOLINET and later joined by NELINET, LYRASIS is the nation's largest regional membership organization serving libraries and information professionals. The primary service area is the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern, and New England regions but LYRASIS has members in many US states and in other countries. Though large in scale, LYRASIS is known for its local touch -- fostering collaboration and cooperation among members and facilitating their success through networking and collaboration, innovative solutions, and significant cost savings through group purchasing for products and services. For more information, please visit www.lyrasis.org.

Kathy Anderson, Writer/Editor 800.233.3401, ext. 1223 kathy.anderson@lyrasis.org
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