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6th November 2009

Multi-Science Publishing partners with International Association
for Bridge & Structural Engineering

Multi-Science Publishing (Brentwood, UK) is now working with
IABSE (International Association for Bridge & Structural
Engineering) to promote IABSE's publications. Alongside its own
journals and books, Multi-Science is marketing and selling
IABSE's publications.

Comments Multi-Science director Bill Hughes "Formerly, we have
onnly published our own copyrighted material. But because IABSE's
output is first rate content, and because its subject matter
complements much of what we publish, there is a strong case for
working together. We hope to be able to bring IABSE's
publications to an audience far broader than its own membership."

Brindarica Bose, IABSE's publications manager, said "It will be
an interesting experience to work alongside a commercial
publisher like Multi-Science, to see if we can increase
readership and sales for our publications through individual as
well as library consortia buying".

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