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Re: DeepDyve - 99 cent article rentals

Ahmed is quite right. This sort of re-use comes with the 
territory if one adopts a CC attrib license.

It's still ironic that OA content can be used to promote PPV 
which in turn slows the momentum for growth of OA...


On 3-Nov-09, at 6:04 PM, Ahmed Hindawi wrote:

> I am surprised that Steven (or anyone else for that matter) is
> surprised that PLoS content is available on the DeepDyve site.
> All PLoS articles are published under CC attribution license
> (which does not prevent commercial reuse), just like most of the
> major OA journals/publishers. DeepDyve does not even need to take
> PLoS permission to index, host, or even sell the material on
> their web site. I am glad DeepDyve is not charging for PLoS
> articles (or Hindawi articles), but if they did, they would be
> within their legal rights and would not need to get any
> permissions from the publisher or the authors (as the copyright
> holders) in order to do that.
> Ahmed Hindawi
> On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 8:42 PM, Stevan Harnad
> <harnad@ecs.soton.ac.uk>wrote:
>>> DeepDyve - iTunes comes to Science Publishing
>>> http://j.mp/tZIdF
>> I'm surprised PLoS would agree to provide its content as part
>> of the perks for a pay-per-view scheme. This gives "re-use" a
>> whole new dimension.
>> DeepDyve is of course doomed (by OA), but OA is going about its
>> inevitable destiny so glacially slowly that there's probably
>> time for a few bucks to be made out of this absurd scheme
>> (motivated by the equally absurd pricing practices of classical
>> pay-per-view).
>> Just surprised to see PLoS along for the ride. (Since they make
>> no money out of it, it is presumably for the sake of eyeballs,
>> but they're reaching those current eyeballs at the cost of
>> prolonging the darkness for far more future ones. It's not even
>> like a pay-to-pollute scheme, in that it's not self-limiting
>> but self-perpetuating...
>> Stevan Harnad