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PEER - Final report news release

News release

3 November 2009

PEER -- Final report on the provision of usage data and manuscript deposit
procedures for publishers and repository managers
now available at http://www.peerproject.eu/reports/

PEER is a pioneering collaboration between publishers, repositories and the
research community, which aims to investigate the effects of the large-scale,
systematic depositing of authors' final peer-reviewed manuscripts (so called
Green Open Access) on user access, author visibility, journal viability and the
broader European research environment. The project will run until 2011, during
which time over 50,000 European stage-2 (accepted) manuscripts from over 240
journals will become available for archiving.

While the earlier Draft report on the provision of usage data and manuscript
deposit procedures for publishers and repository managers (D2.1,
http://www.peerproject.eu/reports/) set out a preliminary deposit workflow,
this final report reflects a collaborative effort between publishers and the
library and repository stakeholder communities to achieve a feasible workflow
for depositing stage-2 outputs and for the provision of log files from
repositories to enable the research envisaged in the PEER project.

This report is the result of an ongoing cooperation between stakeholder groups
comprising publishers and the library/repository community to establish best
practice in deposit procedures that are least disruptive of existing
publication workflows, while minimizing additional effort in repository ingest

An innovative workflow has been devised to describe and standardise the deposit
from publishers to repositories that demonstrates, in a core group of
interoperable European repositories, the capability of accepting material
deposited from third party publishers and authors beyond the project duration.

For enquiries relating to PEER, please e-mail: peer@stm-assoc.org

PEER is supported by the EC eContentplus programme.

PEER Partners: International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical
Publishers (STM), the European Science Foundation, Goettingen State and
University Library, the Max Planck Society, INRIA, SURF Foundation and
University of Bielefeld

STM publishers participating in PEER: BMJ Publishing Group; Cambridge University
Press; EDP Sciences; Elsevier; IOP Publishing; Nature Publishing Group; Oxford
University Press; Portland Press; Sage Publications; Springer; Taylor & Francis
Group; Wiley-Blackwell

PEER repositories: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Wissenschaften
e.V. (MPG); HAL, Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en
Automatique (INRIA); Goettingen State and University Library (UGOE); BiPrints,
Universitaet Bielefeld (UNIBI); Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania;
University Library of Debrecen, Hungary
Long-term preservation service: Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of The

Janice E. Kuta
Director of Marketing & Membership
International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers