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Call for papers on scholarly communication & libraries

New Review of Academic Librarianship
Themed open access issue in 2010 on scholarly communication


The New Review of Academic Librarianship, a peer-reviewed journal 
from Taylor & Francis, will be publishing a special, open access 
issue in October 2010 on the dissemination of scholarly 
communication and the roles for university libraries. The issue, 
sponsored by JISC, will be guest edited by Dr Hazel Woodward, 
University Librarian of Cranfield University, working with the 
Editor Dr Graham Walton of Loughborough University (both UK). New 
technologies and ideologies are challenging the roles and future 
for many stakeholders in scholarly communication. This themed 
issue intends to capture the ideas, views and developments to 
help inform how scholarly communication moves forward in the 

Expressions of interest are welcome from library practitioners 
and researchers and proposed articles should be evidence-based, 
scholarly articles on specific aspects of scholarly communication 
within a library context. Areas of interest include open access 
publishing, institutional repositories, university publishing 
houses, Web 2.0 tools and developing the scholar as an author.

If you are interested in submitting an article, please send a 
title and an abstract of approximately 250 words directly to the 
guest editor, Dr Hazel Woodward, hazel.woodward@cranfield.ac.uk, 
by the 18th December 2009. Successful authors will be contacted 
by 15th January 2010 with a manuscript deadline of 19th March. 
Inquiries and questions are welcome. JISC is a UK national 
organisation responsible for inspiring "colleges and universities 
in the innovative use of digital technologies". Instructions for 
authors are available at www.informaworld.com or can be emailed 
to you directly.