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RE: DeepDyve - 99 cent article rentals

Very interesting development.

But going to the DeepDyve site to test it, the first paper I 
looked at was one from the home page:

Phenotypes of Mutations in the 5'-UTR of a Limiting Transcription 
Factor in Aspergillus nidulans Can Be Accounted For by 
Translational Inhibition and Leaky Scanning 

You can either pay $0.99 to rent the article for a day or follow 
the link 'Download Article from Publisher' and get it for free! 
The paper is over 6 months old and so free from the publisher.

Will readers be willing to pay $0.99 for the convenience of 
getting access to all articles covered by DeepDyve or will they 
feel resentment that they are being asked to pay for something 
that is free elsewhere?

David Prosser
SPARC Europe
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DeepDyve - iTunes comes to Science Publishing

Phil Davis