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LicensingModels.com UPDATED AND EXTENDED

The suite of model licenses on www.licensingmodels.com has been 
updated and new model licenses added.  The site was originally 
created in 1999, and updated in 2001.  It has now been reviewed, 
updated and extended.

There are now six up-to-date model licenses: for single academic 
institutions, academic consortia, public libraries, and 
corporate/special libraries, and for the purchase of e-books and 
archives, together with a simple license for 30 or 60 day trials.

The original licenses were created by consultation with 
publishers, librarians and subscription agents.  This review and 
update has been completed in consultation with Trisha Davis, 
Associate Professor & Head of Serial Electronic Resources and 
Rights Management at the Ohio State University Libraries, an 
acknowledged expert on licensing.

New features include new usage rights.  "Users have learned new 
techniques as technology has developed.  They now work in remote 
groups (the 'collaboratory') and use information gathering 
processes such as text mining.  Universities want to incorporate 
content into virtual learning environments/course management 
systems," said John Cox, of John Cox Associates Ltd, publishing 
consultant and author of these licenses.  "We all want licenses 
that keep up to date with new ways of using information in 
teaching and research.  They are freely available for download 
and use."

They are hosted on a new website and can be found at 
www.licensingmodels.com or www.licensingmodels.org.