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Re: Thanks to three list members

This is why we have public libraries! It's the no (or lower) 
guilt model, plus we're supporting the purpose of having public 
libraries. I try to buy only the books I know I must have 
(forever?) in my personal library, or that I share with friends 
or family who don't frequent their public library. Plus, it's fun 
to see who in your community/neighborhood goes to the library.

Claudia Holland

Janet Fisher wrote:

> I will confess to having probably 30 books around I haven't 
> read. Every time I go in a bookstore, I come out with at least 
> 3 (hardcover's too, publishers must love me!), then I try to 
> keep the book close by (so I don't forget about it!) until I 
> have a chance to read it. As you can tell, I'm rather behind!! 
> I need some long plane rides.
> Janet Fisher
> Publishers Communication Group
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> Joe Esposito said:  "The survey I would like to conduct is of the people
> on this list. How many books does each individual currently own but has
> not (yet) read?"
> I'm  loath to admit this, but if they had a contest to find the person
> with the highest percentage of unread personally-owned books, I might be
> in contention for a world championship.
> Seriously. I bet I haven't read at *least* 90% of the books I own. It
> usually goes like this: I find a book in a bookstore, read maybe 20-30
> pages while in the bookstore, find the book very interesting, and buy
> it. When I get it home life intervenes and I never crack it open again.
> Now that I'm retired I've vowed to make 2010 the "year of the book". I
> want to read a book or two every day. We'll see how that works out. :-)
> Bernie Sloan