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Re: Thanks to three list members

Joe Esposito said:  "The survey I would like to conduct is of the 
people on this list. How many books does each individual 
currently own but has not (yet) read?"

I'm  loath to admit this, but if they had a contest to find the 
person with the highest percentage of unread personally-owned 
books, I might be in contention for a world championship. 
Seriously. I bet I haven't read at *least* 90% of the books I 
own. It usually goes like this: I find a book in a bookstore, 
read maybe 20-30 pages while in the bookstore, find the book very 
interesting, and buy it. When I get it home life intervenes and I 
never crack it open again. Now that I'm retired I've vowed to 
make 2010 the "year of the book". I want to read a book or two 
every day. We'll see how that works out. :-)

Bernie Sloan