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un-Nature-al (beware of rant below)

This year our subscription to Scientific American went up from $39.95/year to
$299.00/year.  As a result of Scientific American becoming a wholy owned and
operated entity within Nature Publishing Group in April they are now subject to
their tier pricing scam.  While SciAm was nice to have around for the last 150
years plus, it is a magazine and not a necessary part of our academic
collection.  It did, however, have a place in academia, primarily on the
display rack for our humanities students.  What are the folks over at Nature
thinking???  A modest price increase would have been tolerable but this is
absurd.  Surely the title was still profitable, does anyone know differntly?  
I am not a sentimentalist and I am all for online news but this is more
disturbing than the collapse of the print newspaper industry.

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