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The Public Index: Resource for Discussion of the Google Settlement

The Public Index

"The Public Index is a site to study and discuss the proposed 
Google Book  Search settlement. Here, you can browse and annotate 
the proposed  settlement, section-by-section. Just use the table 
of contents or the  search box at the right to get started. In 
addition, you can:

--Study our reading room of lawsuit documents
--Join the conversation in our forums
--Draft an amicus brief to the court on the wiki

The Public Index is a project of the Public-Interest Book Search 
Initiative and the Institute for Information Law and Policy at 
New York  Law School. We are a group of professors, students, and 
volunteers who  believe that the Google Book Search lawsuit and 
settlement deserve a full,  careful, and thoughtful public 
discussion. The Public Index is a site for  people from all 
points of view to learn from each other about the  settlement and 
join together to make their voices heard in the public  debate.

The lawsuit and its proposed settlement have generated their 
share of  controversy. This is a site for everyone, dedicated to 
no particular point  of view other than the advancement of 
dialogue and understanding."


Because as of today this site has just been created, there is at 
this  point only a small amount of content thus far, but this is 
certainly a  site to watch over time as well as a place for 
interested persons and  groups to provide information and ideas 
in regard to the wide variety of  issues encompassed by Google 
Books and the Google Book settlement.  Access  to important 
documents regarding this settlement is already provided by  this 

David Dillard
Temple University