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Call to Register Universities' Open Access Mandates in ROARMAP

ROAR is the Registry of Open Access Repositories

ROARMAP is the Registry of Open Access Repository Material
Archiving Policies 

The purpose of ROARMAP is to register and record the open-access
policies of those institutions and funders who are putting the
principle of Open Access (as expressed by the Budapest Open
Access Initiative and the Berlin Declaration) into practice as
recommended by Berlin 3 (as well as the UK Government Science and
Technology Committee). 

Universities, research institutions and research funders:

If you have adopted a mandate to provide open access to your own
peer-reviewed research output you are invited to click here to
register and describe your mandate in ROARMAP.

(For suggestions about the form of policy to adopt, see here.)

Registering your OA mandate in ROARMAP will:

(1) record your own institution's commitment to providing open
access to its own research output,

(2) help the research community measure its progress (see growth
curve, provided by Alma Swan in Oasis) in providing open access


(3) encourage further institutions to adopt open-access mandates
(so that your own institution's users can have access to the
research output of other institutions as well).

Sample Institutional Self-Archiving Mandate

"For the purposes of institutional record-keeping, research asset
management, and performance-evaluation, and in order to maximize
the visibility, accessibility, usage and impact of our
institution's research output, our institution's researchers are
henceforth to deposit the final, peer-reviewed, accepted drafts
of all their journal articles (and accepted theses) into our
institution's institutional repository immediately upon
acceptance for publication."

To register and describe your mandate, please click here: