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30-40% discount for e-only services: kudos to OECD

Worth highlighting:

According to Toby Green of OECD as reported on liblicense, a 
number of subscribers are choosing to keep print, even though 
there is a 30-40% discount for e-only services - original message 


Kudos to OECD for leadership in setting an appropriate discount 
level for e-only, especially if print is being maintained as 

If more publishers were to offer these kinds of discounts, there 
would be no serials crisis.  Libraries could be adding journals 
instead of cancelling, and increasing monographs purchasing.

Comments from subscribers about whether OECD's claims about 
pricing really are as stated would be most welcome.

Any opinion expressed in this e-mail is that of the author alone, 
and does not represent the opinion or policy of BC Electronic 
Library Network or Simon Fraser University Library.

Heather G. Morrison, MLIS
Associate Editor
Scholarly and Research Communication