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12 SAGE journals migrating to an e-only format

*****Apologies for cross posting****

The following 12 SAGE journals will be migrating to an electronic 
only format for the 2010 subscription year.

Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society - (ISSN: 0270-4676)
Clinical Case Studies - (ISSN: 1534-6501)
Field Methods - (ISSN: 1525-822X)
Journal of Adolescent Research - (ISSN: 0743-5584)
Journal of Business and Technical Communication - (ISSN: 1050-6519)
Journal of Environment & Development, The - (ISSN: 1070-4965)
Management Communication Quarterly - (ISSN: 0893-3189)
Men and Masculinities - (ISSN: 1097-184X)
Organization & Environment - (ISSN: 1086-0266)
Simulation & Gaming - (ISSN: 1046-8781)
Trauma, Violence, & Abuse - (ISSN: 1524-8380)
Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice - (ISSN: 1541-2040)

We want to help you stay ahead of the curve by providing online 
access to your users along with these additional benefits:

*A significant savings for your library - the E-access option 
represents a significant discount off both the Combined (Print & 
E-access) and Print-only rates

*Increased discoverability and simultaneous use - providing 
electronic access to these journals at your library will ensure 
increased usage by faculty and students

*Saving shelf space

*Positive environmental impact - SAGE has partnered with the 
Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for every subscription that 
moves to the E-access option.  Not only will you save trees by 
eliminating print copies, but you will be making a positive 
impact on our world!

If you have any questions, please view our FAQ sheet at 
<http://www.sagepub.com/repository/binaries/eonly_faq.pdf> or 
contact SAGE Journals Customer Service at journals@sagepub.com.

Thank you.

Sheenagh McCarthy
Senior Marketing Manager
Library Group
SAGE Publications Inc
2455 Teller Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320