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Elsevier Foundation Grant Deadline

The Elsevier Foundation is accepting new grant proposals for its 
2009 Innovative Libraries in Developing Countries and New 
Scholars programs through August 1st. Sponsored by Elsevier, a 
leading global publisher of scientific, technical and medical 
information, the grants for the two programs will be awarded in 
December 2009 and provide one, two and three year awards between 
US$5,000 to US$50,000 per year.

The Innovative Libraries in Developing Countries 
program supports the efforts of libraries in developing countries 
to improve their ability to put scientific, technical and medical 
information to work for those who need it. Past projects have 
included: expanding library information resources through 
digitization and knowledge preservation; training and education 
programs for librarians and researchers; developed-developing 
world partnerships to provide longer term technical assistance 
and training.

The New Scholars 
program supports academic and research communities in creating 
model programs to help scholars in the early stages of their 
careers balance childcare and family responsibilities with 
demanding academic careers in science, health and technology. 
Grants awarded in 2007-8 have promoted institutional research, 
advocacy, and policy development to retain, recruit and develop 
women in science, as well as enabling researchers to attend 
conferences critical to their careers, by assisting with 
childcare, mentorship and networking.

Active since 2002, the Elsevier Foundation provides grants to 
institutions around the world, with a focus on supporting the 
world's libraries and scholars in the early stages of their 
careers.  Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded more 
than 50 grants worth over a million dollars to non-profit 
organizations working in these fields.

For more information on the program requirements and details of 
how to submit a 2009 proposal please visit The Elsevier 
Foundation <http://www.elsevierfoundation.org/index.html> at 
www.elsevierfoundation.org <http://www.elsevierfoundation.org> .

Daviess Menefee
Global Director for Institutional Relations
Email: d.menefee@elsevier.com