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Press Release: Thieme Publishing Group freezes Journal Prices

New York and Stuttgart - In a strong effort to assist libraries 
during their budgetary difficulties during the current recession, 
Thieme Publishing Group is freezing journal prices for 2010. This 
new pricing policy applies to journals with electronic 
subscriptions and those journal subscriptions that include both 
the print and electronic formats. Not raising prices, despite the 
increasing costs for Thieme, will enable institutions to continue 
to provide access to critical resources.

With past price increases for our medical and chemistry journals 
having kept pretty much in-line with the increase in published 
pages, Thieme has a history of having stable prices per page. 
Faced with these challenging economic times, Thieme is going one 
step further and keeps nominal subscription prices for 2010 at 
this year's level. This, we hope, will allow us to continue to 
work constructively with our librarian partners in providing 
quality information in medicine and chemistry to as many users as 

The new pricing policy aims to assist librarians, confronted with 
possible budgetary cutbacks, in maintaining a consistent level of 
service within their facilities. With this announcement, the 
publisher reconfirms its solid commitment to the scientific, 
medical, and academic communities as it works in conjunction with 
its partners to continue making critical content readily 
available. The price freeze applies globally, and will be in 
place for all 2010 institutional subscriptions.

About Thieme

Thieme Publishing Group is a privately held STM publishing house 
employing more than 950 people and maintaining offices in six 
cities, including New York, Delhi, Stuttgart and three other 
locations in Germany. Founded in 1886, the Thieme name has become 
synonymous with high quality and excellence in medical and 
scientific publishing. Today, Thieme is the market leading 
publisher of neurosurgical content and holds strong market 
positions in orthopedics, radiology, anatomy and chemistry, among 
other specialties. Thieme publishes 137 peer-reviewed journals 
and over 500 new books annually. The company also has a rapidly 
growing array of web-based products in medicine and science. 
Popular online products include Thieme eJournals and the Thieme 
ElectronicBook Library, which are accessible via 
www.thieme-connect.com, Thieme's platform for electronic 

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Dr. Thomas Krimmer
Director Institutional Marketing
Thieme Publishing Group
E-mail: thomas.krimmer@thieme.de

Bettina Ziegler
Public Relations and Press Office
Thieme Publishing Group
E-mail: bettina.ziegler@thieme.de